Mitigating climate change depends on reforesting the world.

Solutions Overview

Achieving global impact requires effective reforestation and agroforestry solutions.

Spades Solutions Deliver Value, Impact, and Results

Climate change is spinning 50 acres per minute into a desert, turning food into dust, igniting natural disasters, damaging essential ecosystems, and causing mass extinctions. Every year, humans produce an estimated 9.5 billion metric tons of carbon and release it into the atmosphere by burning fossil fuels. Another 1.5 billion metric tons of carbon is put into the air due to deforestation and other changes to land cover, e.g., agriculture, mining, and urban sprawl.

A straightforward solution to the carbon problem is to stop sending high CO2 emissions into the atmosphere and sequester carbon back out. How? No industrial technology is close to success. With millions of years of engineering, trees are the ultimate reverse smokestack – and come with many benefits. Moreover, trees are the least expensive remedy in a world where “carbon neutral” is the corporate pledge.

Sustainable Forests via Different Local Trees Grown Differently

  • Terrazone™ finds the fit between people and land, deconflicting competing interests for sustainable results.
  • Ecofit™ biotechnology helps select the right combination of biodiverse local tree species for current and future environments.
  • Topodox™ site monitoring software provides comprehensive support for forest development. Monitoring and standards track project status and result from planning through 50 years.
  • Implementation teamwork includes Spades’ staff, the largest tree grower networks in the world, and local governments and communities engaged for success.
  • Balanced financial services unlock higher returns for investors, donors, and landowners.

Mitigating climate change depends on reforesting the world. Knowing the fit between trees and their evolving ecosystems is vital for regreening success and environmental and social impact returns.

The environment wins when different, more suitable local trees are grown in an Ecofit-tested landscape. There’s greater assurance of a natural and beneficial relationship even with climate change, depleted soils, and desertification. In addition, selecting and growing trees resistant to wind, fire, and flood strengthens habitats and ecosystems.

With different cultivation, ecosystems win. Pioneer and subsequent species are identified and planted in their proper sequence. Trees are supported to cover initial soil and/or water conditions.

When the results are different, people win. Trees more than survive. They thrive with resilience, supplying more fruit, nuts, wood, and carbon. Plus, they lay the groundwork for natural regeneration.

Everybody wins.

Long-Term Accountability

Best-of-breed SaaS and TaaS apps provide up to 50 years of greater data density, higher accuracy monitoring.

Execution against values and standards protects results and reputations.

Larger Scale

  • Achieves sustainable environmental benefits, social developments, and attractive returns.
  • Lowers cost of funding, reduces risk, and improves returns with blended capital.
  • At-scale regreening model can be adopted broadly and significantly mitigate climate change.

Better Projects

  • Structured and transparent to engage communities and governments.
  • Optimized with integrated land-use templates, benefitting habitats and communities while integrating sustainable wood stock and regenerative agriculture.
  • Subject to rigorous standards including carbon offsets. Contracts adapt to local conditions, are flexible, and are performance-based.


  • Ecofit biotechnology for tree species selection has demonstrated success across 400 species in 30 ecosystems.
  • Best-of-breed SaaS and TaaS apps and expert management provide up to 50 years of monitoring with higher accuracy and greater data density.

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